Upgrade from Canon 550D to 6D

Hi, I made the move to full format which means in my case that I upgraded from the Canon 550D to 6D. What a step. I had some concerns regarding if the price would make it worth it.

It did.

It’s awesome in low light and together with a f/1.4 prime 50mm lens it makes magic. The thing is that taking photos is more fun than ever – thanks Canon 🙂


VSCO film 3 – instant

I believe that the people over at VSCO have made a hit again. Their pack 3 is about emulating instant film, like Polaroid, which gives a bit more edge to the photos.

Here are some of my experiments..

PX-680 Warm


Polaroid 690++


Polaroid 690 Warm++

Travel gives inspiration

I have been to Gran Canaria (Spain) with my family. The weather was both splendid and not so good. Armed with my camera and Sigma 1.4/50mm together with VSCO film, it was big joy. I found back to my photographic interest. All by a sudden I was walking around, shooting as back in the good old days.

Travel is great for inspiration!

Long time, no photo

Today I have been at the home of a customer that wanted me to photo her family and her brothers family. It was really fun and the kids (they where four, in the range from 2  to 13 years) was totally in to the game. Lots of crazy ideas and lovely moments.

This is my favorite from today, it makes me happy every time I see it.