Travel gives inspiration

I have been to Gran Canaria (Spain) with my family. The weather was both splendid and not so good. Armed with my camera and Sigma 1.4/50mm together with VSCO film, it was big joy. I found back to my photographic interest. All by a sudden I was walking around, shooting as back in the good old days.

Travel is great for inspiration!


To the sea!

The weather was nice so we decided to take a walk to the sea from a place near by. There was spring in the air and everything was sprinkled in the light and fresh green color.

All the photos was taken with an iPhone and edited with VSCO CAM.

Spring in Gothenburg

We had a weekend in Gothenburg and I had hoped to try out street photographing. I just have to realise that it is a area that I need to improve a lot. I found it hard to point a camera in the face of a stranger and those times I did it, the result was.. not interesting at all.. Well, well, I need more practice..

..and I used my iPhone and vscocam as well:

Tourist in your own town

Have you ever tried to be a tourist in your own town? I tried it yesterday and it made me think different and something I must do again – very inspiring!

The problem I had was that instead of finding what is universally beautiful, I had to find what is characteristic for this place and time. So, I started to think about my hometown (Strömstad by the way) and it was spring which means almost no boats (no tourists as well), cloudy day and there is about 5000 people living there. Ah, yes – it is by the sea.

I hope when you look at the photos you get the same feeling of the town (very little people, yes) that I had that day.

Processed with Lightroom 4 and VSCOfilm Fuji 160C

The time control my life

Every week there is a submission to Fotosöndag (PhotoSunday) around one theme and this time it was weekday.

I didn’t have a clue so I let it just hang there in the mind or hoping if some idea would pop up. It didn’t until yesterday when I was in the garden and tried to visualize what a weekday means to me and I saw a clock in my mind. Yes, of course – time control my weekdays. Actually, I would say that I’m a slave under the time. Everything that needs to be done on different times during a weekday.

Secondly I needed to visualize this in a way. First I though about taking a shot against the light with an wristwatch in a window but I got the feeling that there was nothing that would hook the viewer but if I could get a person that would also give signals with the body language – that could be something.

The kids who was playing close to me had no problem at all to be models for a short moment and I asked one of them to hold the clock in front of the face and at the same moment act like it was a heavy thing to hold. This was the result:

Edited with Lightroom 4 and VSCOfilm Portra 800++