Travel gives inspiration

I have been to Gran Canaria (Spain) with my family. The weather was both splendid and not so good. Armed with my camera and Sigma 1.4/50mm together with VSCO film, it was big joy. I found back to my photographic interest. All by a sudden I was walking around, shooting as back in the good old days.

Travel is great for inspiration!


VSCO film and landscape

I just updated to the VSCO film package 01 to get the custom camera profiles for my camera. I have wondered about it for a while but finally I took the decision to buy it. Was it worth it – yes..

I have discovered that a lot of you ends up on my site by searching for either vscocam or vscofilm, once in a while it also is together with the search word landscape.

So to celebrate the new update, I added three landscape shoots I took another day, three shoots that would love to be processed in vscofilm.

Spring in Gothenburg

We had a weekend in Gothenburg and I had hoped to try out street photographing. I just have to realise that it is a area that I need to improve a lot. I found it hard to point a camera in the face of a stranger and those times I did it, the result was.. not interesting at all.. Well, well, I need more practice..

..and I used my iPhone and vscocam as well: