iPhone photography with VSCOcam

I guess no one have missed that I’m a big fan of digital film emulation and especially the products from Visual Supply Co.

They released a new app for the iPhone called VSCOcam. I bought it and gave it a tried and yes – it was as good as I hoped it would be. The black and white images have low contrast and I have some control on the added grain. The interface is easy to use and learn and if you have a vision of how the photo should look like it is pretty easy to reach that goal. The only con’s that I see for the moment is there is no crop and aligning tool and if I want to undo some settings it can be done on the latest setting or reset for all settings. The toolbox (=settings) is not made so you can add and the also remove settings by setting – only add.

The biggest issue right now is: what should I do with my DSLR – I do not need it anymore..

Here are some samples, unfortunately without any kind of red thread..

Photographed with iPhone 4s and processed with VSCOcam


Good social media behavior

I have always wondered about why some people are more successful than others on the different social medias (Google+, Facebook and Twitter).

The idea that I had is about being a nice person – write about what is on your mind and connect that to other people’s opinions.

So, today I stumbled upon a post by David Mercer that showed me that my thinking was in the right direction:

Writing great, focused and relevant content. Sharing it socially. Making sure your blog is SEO optimized up to the wazoo. Guest blogging. Maintaining a newsletter. RSS feeds. Twitter. FaceBook. Klout. Buffer. SU.PR.

Do everything right, and you can still come out with no traffic. No interest. No comments. No tweets. It can be infuriating. Worse, it can be a waste of time and resources.

When I read that post things started to fall in place. David shows with a different mindset you can utilize other bloggers by being an asset for theirs cause and then drive traffic to your site. Spontaneously I feel this is a bit too much riding on others hard work but on the other side – I would be very glad if someone referenced to something I had said, so I guess it’s OK.

The fun part is that the effect you should see if you incorporate this behavior into your daily life is exponentially (the people you are nice to will be nice back and then their friends might notice you and..)

I’m using the different social medias to promote my photos, but that is hard when there is no one listening. But if I could mix it with my thoughts about life and the world in general, I could give you readers another feeling than the visual one – a personal touch.

Wish me luck!