Who am I?

I have started a journey that I should have done a long time ago. I got a kick by an earlier post I wrote.

I’m going within myself and take the kind of photos that I love to take – push the button when I feel great about what I see (regardless of what kind of rules there are) and not what I believe you would like to see.

I hope you will like it anyway. Sure, there will be quite a lot of experimenting but somewhere I will get back with a whole lot of new knowledge – about myself.

Please join me, here are my first steps on the new journey:

so right

old school

time is only a reflection

light leechers


easter time

(all of the shots is processed with Lightroom4 and VSCOfilm Kodak Portra 800++)


BLA, BLA and BLA..

I was at the local photog club on Monday evening and listened to a well known Swedish wedding photographer – Benny Ottosson.

It was very interesting and it was all geared towards the easy to remember BLA:

  • Background
  • Light
  • Action

When taking shots he talked about: how does the background look? What kind of light is there and from which direction(s)? What is happening in the frame? Nothing revolutionary but something that should be trained every day.

So I had to test it and here is the result:


Processed with Lightroom 4 and the updated VSCOfilm for LR4 (Preset Kodak Portra 800++)