VSCO film and landscape

I just updated to the VSCO film package 01 to get the custom camera profiles for my camera. I have wondered about it for a while but finally I took the decision to buy it. Was it worth it – yes..

I have discovered that a lot of you ends up on my site by searching for either vscocam or vscofilm, once in a while it also is together with the search word landscape.

So to celebrate the new update, I added three landscape shoots I took another day, three shoots that would love to be processed in vscofilm.


VSCO film on landscape

Ok, I have done it. What? I used VSCO film presets on landscape photos. Up until now I used it only on portraits and urban shots – never, ever on “classic” landscape shots. Now I did it and I like it!

What have I turned into? A film-o-holic? I do not know..

Quality time

Sometimes it’s great to let the kids be with only one parent. Yesterday, while my wife went to the soccer training with our son, we got an hour together – me and my daughter. I asked her what we should do and she said: “Playing video games!!”.

I don’t remember the name of the game, I just remember how much she enjoyed having my full attention and that we did something together – only the two of us.

BLA, BLA and BLA..

I was at the local photog club on Monday evening and listened to a well known Swedish wedding photographer – Benny Ottosson.

It was very interesting and it was all geared towards the easy to remember BLA:

  • Background
  • Light
  • Action

When taking shots he talked about: how does the background look? What kind of light is there and from which direction(s)? What is happening in the frame? Nothing revolutionary but something that should be trained every day.

So I had to test it and here is the result:


Processed with Lightroom 4 and the updated VSCOfilm for LR4 (Preset Kodak Portra 800++)