Friendly Miss Iceland

Doesn’t we all stumble upon people on the internet that are so friendly and seems to know everyone that you wonder: “how do they do it?”

If you are on Google+ and like photography, there is a big chance that you have stumbled upon Jorunn Gudlaugsdottir. She is exactly like that. She seems to know everybody and if I post something, she is there to give a comment or maybe a +1. Of course I do the same whenever I get the time to look at her stream and then I always get impressed that she has a very high level on response from the people who follows her.

There has to be a correlation between being nice and having an enthusiastic group of followers (I would guess that she would rather call them friends).

So instead of guessing I asked Jorunn a couple of questions to get a better understand:

Q: Hi Jorunn Gudlaugsdottir! Anyone interested in photography and a part of the photo community on Google+ have for sure heard that name before – could you please introduce yourself.
A: Wow heard that name, sounds too big for me because Im just a girl from Iceland who started to take pictures exactly one year ago, yes April 2011. I live in Reykjavik capital of Iceland and work in a bank. Just love to go out in the nature and shoot and try to do that as much as possible. It really nourishes my soul. I really started to appreciate Iceland and its nature more after I started in photography and now I can see beautiful things all around me but since I can remember I always put everything I saw in frame so I guess photography has been in my mind for a long time. Hiking has also become a hobby for me so now I can combine these together which is great.

Q: I have noticed that you are very engaged at Google+, how much time do you put on the Google+ community every day?
A: Haha yes I’m engaged to G+ but true I think G+has taken over from Facebook at least I spend more time on G+ than on FB because I like the activity there and all the beautiful streams that Im able to see plus all the fabulous people over there. Hmm how much time maybe 2 or 3 hours I really don´t know 🙂

Q: Is there more places, like Flickr, Facebook and Twitter, that we can find you?
A: I’m on Flickr yes and Facebook too and my plan is to open a website or a special site for my photos in the nearest future. My links are:

Q: Do you have any tips for us that you would like to share to be better Google+ friends?
A: I think to be a good Google+ friend you have to be active and interested in what people are doing. Show that you care and “talk” to people. Its not enough just to be there doing nothing. You have to show interest and be honest and friendly with people too. What you give is what you get. That is my favourite quote in life and it goes for Google + too.

Q: My last question, who would you recommend on Google+ and why?
A: Oh this last question is too big. there are so many people that are in my favourite circle. If I name some then I feel bad if I forget someone but of course I care about the people who I have met from other Nordic Countries and so many more. I wont give you names Jonas 🙂 I would just recommend that you circle the ones that you find interesting and have interesting work for you and then the snowball starts to roll 🙂

Thank you for taking your time to give me your answers Jorunn and hopefully we all got a bit friendlier – kindness pays off!

(c) Jorunn Gudlaugsdottir