Lost in the woods?

I just have to replicate on the following statement from Jonas Peterson on his Facebook page.

We’re so connected today. With everything. Everyone. But still I can’t help but think that many aspiring photographers would be better off trying to connect with the person they have within instead of desperately trying to connect with everyone on the outside. The more you worry about what they do, the less you’ll be able to do what you should do.

This morning I hit 10,000 likes for this page.

I guess it’s worth celebrating, but it also scares me.

The day I’m led by the fact that I’m being followed, I will be doomed.

I’m a big fan of the photographing art that Jonas Peterson is making and of course I figure about how he do his magic. Yes, I listen to the photographer that is inside me but for the moment that one will not make me move forward – I need input.

We have since we where born looked up to someone – a role model. Someone that we think very highly of and searching for recognition. Fame is a drug – and it bites back.

With the very open society we have now, it puts very high demands on both the apprentice and the master. You can be famous within seconds and you get a lot of apprentices but you can not answer them all (how can you? They are more than a small town!) and just guess how hard the competition is to be “seen” by the apprentices.. It has never (I guess) been easier to get in contact with people that are living legends. Send a twitter or a Facebook message and all the questions and “see me” needs can be fulfilled within seconds.

What happens in the other end? That is something that I have thought about – you pro’s must be drowning in input from all kind of social networks and still not trying to neglect your real friends (and work!).

Who is the winner? None of us. That is why I love the statement from the Jonas – listen to your inner voice, both pro and wanna bee’s. Otherwise there is a danger that the focus is lost..

Lost in the woods