Where there is life, there is hope

Sometimes it is absolutely impossible to find something to photograph. That happened to me yesterday.

I was on the location 1h before sunset and I could immediately see that there was no interesting cloud formations, almost no waves and nothing interesting.

The only thing that was OK was the quality of the light = find interesting contrasts. I walked around and looked, looked and looked. Absolutely nothing. I almost had given up until I came across these dry sticks and the head line popped up in my mind. But I couldn’t find a good way to compose the photo until I went down on knee. Wow.

I had to hurry. Get the tripod, set the focus and “click” – the result is below.

What I saw was the lines made by the formation of dry sticks points to the three,  the other lines in the rock was also pointing to the right part of the composition and the darker and lighter parts of the sky was also pointing to the three. Not to forget, but the colors is also playing well together.

So to summarize it: It might look like shit but there is always something beautiful if you give it a closer look. 🙂

Happy Friday friends!

Where there is life, there is hope