The time control my life

Every week there is a submission to Fotosöndag (PhotoSunday) around one theme and this time it was weekday.

I didn’t have a clue so I let it just hang there in the mind or hoping if some idea would pop up. It didn’t until yesterday when I was in the garden and tried to visualize what a weekday means to me and I saw a clock in my mind. Yes, of course – time control my weekdays. Actually, I would say that I’m a slave under the time. Everything that needs to be done on different times during a weekday.

Secondly I needed to visualize this in a way. First I though about taking a shot against the light with an wristwatch in a window but I got the feeling that there was nothing that would hook the viewer but if I could get a person that would also give signals with the body language – that could be something.

The kids who was playing close to me had no problem at all to be models for a short moment and I asked one of them to hold the clock in front of the face and at the same moment act like it was a heavy thing to hold. This was the result:

Edited with Lightroom 4 and VSCOfilm Portra 800++