Wedding photography

I have attended a wedding workshop arranged by Ottosson Photo. Two models and a bunch of theories around how to work with the couples and a lot of shooting.

All photos was edited in Lightroom and with the VSCO film presets.


Evening light

I got a lot of inspiration from Choate House lately. When I found a new inspiring photographer(s) I usually ask myself the following question: why do I like theirs photos?

In this case I loved the honest contact they got when they are doing portraits, the way they handle the tones (object and background) but most of all the way they show respect for the light. Yes, photographing is painting with light but it is all about mastering the light. Soft light and harsh light, when to use it and when to avoid it.

So when the sun was setting yesterday I saw a Dandelion (the most photographed flower on flicker?) on my backyard. I grab my iPhone and took a shot with what I felt was very good quality on the light and I must say that I think the photo got a lot more interesting by the better light.

Take care and may the light be with you..

Edited with VSCOcam from Visual Supply (I think it was #8 with some fade and fill)


I was out driving with my car when I saw this scene at the side of the road. I had to stop and while I started my iPhone app (VSCO CAM) the head line started to form. Something about destruction but still a calm over the whole scene.

I took the photo and stood for a minute and thought about all the people that lost their lives during World War I and II.