Tourist in your own town

Have you ever tried to be a tourist in your own town? I tried it yesterday and it made me think different and something I must do again – very inspiring!

The problem I had was that instead of finding what is universally beautiful, I had to find what is characteristic for this place and time. So, I started to think about my hometown (Strömstad by the way) and it was spring which means almost no boats (no tourists as well), cloudy day and there is about 5000 people living there. Ah, yes – it is by the sea.

I hope when you look at the photos you get the same feeling of the town (very little people, yes) that I had that day.

Processed with Lightroom 4 and VSCOfilm Fuji 160C


Friendly Miss Iceland

Doesn’t we all stumble upon people on the internet that are so friendly and seems to know everyone that you wonder: “how do they do it?”

If you are on Google+ and like photography, there is a big chance that you have stumbled upon Jorunn Gudlaugsdottir. She is exactly like that. She seems to know everybody and if I post something, she is there to give a comment or maybe a +1. Of course I do the same whenever I get the time to look at her stream and then I always get impressed that she has a very high level on response from the people who follows her.

There has to be a correlation between being nice and having an enthusiastic group of followers (I would guess that she would rather call them friends).

So instead of guessing I asked Jorunn a couple of questions to get a better understand:

Q: Hi Jorunn Gudlaugsdottir! Anyone interested in photography and a part of the photo community on Google+ have for sure heard that name before – could you please introduce yourself.
A: Wow heard that name, sounds too big for me because Im just a girl from Iceland who started to take pictures exactly one year ago, yes April 2011. I live in Reykjavik capital of Iceland and work in a bank. Just love to go out in the nature and shoot and try to do that as much as possible. It really nourishes my soul. I really started to appreciate Iceland and its nature more after I started in photography and now I can see beautiful things all around me but since I can remember I always put everything I saw in frame so I guess photography has been in my mind for a long time. Hiking has also become a hobby for me so now I can combine these together which is great.

Q: I have noticed that you are very engaged at Google+, how much time do you put on the Google+ community every day?
A: Haha yes I’m engaged to G+ but true I think G+has taken over from Facebook at least I spend more time on G+ than on FB because I like the activity there and all the beautiful streams that Im able to see plus all the fabulous people over there. Hmm how much time maybe 2 or 3 hours I really don´t know 🙂

Q: Is there more places, like Flickr, Facebook and Twitter, that we can find you?
A: I’m on Flickr yes and Facebook too and my plan is to open a website or a special site for my photos in the nearest future. My links are:

Q: Do you have any tips for us that you would like to share to be better Google+ friends?
A: I think to be a good Google+ friend you have to be active and interested in what people are doing. Show that you care and “talk” to people. Its not enough just to be there doing nothing. You have to show interest and be honest and friendly with people too. What you give is what you get. That is my favourite quote in life and it goes for Google + too.

Q: My last question, who would you recommend on Google+ and why?
A: Oh this last question is too big. there are so many people that are in my favourite circle. If I name some then I feel bad if I forget someone but of course I care about the people who I have met from other Nordic Countries and so many more. I wont give you names Jonas 🙂 I would just recommend that you circle the ones that you find interesting and have interesting work for you and then the snowball starts to roll 🙂

Thank you for taking your time to give me your answers Jorunn and hopefully we all got a bit friendlier – kindness pays off!

(c) Jorunn Gudlaugsdottir

The time control my life

Every week there is a submission to Fotosöndag (PhotoSunday) around one theme and this time it was weekday.

I didn’t have a clue so I let it just hang there in the mind or hoping if some idea would pop up. It didn’t until yesterday when I was in the garden and tried to visualize what a weekday means to me and I saw a clock in my mind. Yes, of course – time control my weekdays. Actually, I would say that I’m a slave under the time. Everything that needs to be done on different times during a weekday.

Secondly I needed to visualize this in a way. First I though about taking a shot against the light with an wristwatch in a window but I got the feeling that there was nothing that would hook the viewer but if I could get a person that would also give signals with the body language – that could be something.

The kids who was playing close to me had no problem at all to be models for a short moment and I asked one of them to hold the clock in front of the face and at the same moment act like it was a heavy thing to hold. This was the result:

Edited with Lightroom 4 and VSCOfilm Portra 800++

Film Is Not Dead (FIND)

Once in a while I get the urge to start photographing with film. I’m old enough to remember when film was the only thing and you had to wait (for ages) to get the result. But back then I had a very small interest for photography.

Today I find myself thinking about buying an analog camera, some cool film and use one of my lenses I have to my digital system. But I hold back those ideas with the fact that I will be very disappointed when I get the film scans – I have too little experience with the analog medium.

But when I see photos like the one that Laura Leslie took during FIND (Film Is Not Dead – workshop by Jonathan Canlas) the need to pick up an analog camera and give it a try is hard to suppress. Please visit her post to see more of her analog beauties.

This is NOT my photo, it is (c) Laura Leslie

Good social media behavior

I have always wondered about why some people are more successful than others on the different social medias (Google+, Facebook and Twitter).

The idea that I had is about being a nice person – write about what is on your mind and connect that to other people’s opinions.

So, today I stumbled upon a post by David Mercer that showed me that my thinking was in the right direction:

Writing great, focused and relevant content. Sharing it socially. Making sure your blog is SEO optimized up to the wazoo. Guest blogging. Maintaining a newsletter. RSS feeds. Twitter. FaceBook. Klout. Buffer. SU.PR.

Do everything right, and you can still come out with no traffic. No interest. No comments. No tweets. It can be infuriating. Worse, it can be a waste of time and resources.

When I read that post things started to fall in place. David shows with a different mindset you can utilize other bloggers by being an asset for theirs cause and then drive traffic to your site. Spontaneously I feel this is a bit too much riding on others hard work but on the other side – I would be very glad if someone referenced to something I had said, so I guess it’s OK.

The fun part is that the effect you should see if you incorporate this behavior into your daily life is exponentially (the people you are nice to will be nice back and then their friends might notice you and..)

I’m using the different social medias to promote my photos, but that is hard when there is no one listening. But if I could mix it with my thoughts about life and the world in general, I could give you readers another feeling than the visual one – a personal touch.

Wish me luck!

Quality time

Sometimes it’s great to let the kids be with only one parent. Yesterday, while my wife went to the soccer training with our son, we got an hour together – me and my daughter. I asked her what we should do and she said: “Playing video games!!”.

I don’t remember the name of the game, I just remember how much she enjoyed having my full attention and that we did something together – only the two of us.