iPhone photography with VSCOcam

I guess no one have missed that I’m a big fan of digital film emulation and especially the products from Visual Supply Co.

They released a new app for the iPhone called VSCOcam. I bought it and gave it a tried and yes – it was as good as I hoped it would be. The black and white images have low contrast and I have some control on the added grain. The interface is easy to use and learn and if you have a vision of how the photo should look like it is pretty easy to reach that goal. The only con’s that I see for the moment is there is no crop and aligning tool and if I want to undo some settings it can be done on the latest setting or reset for all settings. The toolbox (=settings) is not made so you can add and the also remove settings by setting – only add.

The biggest issue right now is: what should I do with my DSLR – I do not need it anymore..

Here are some samples, unfortunately without any kind of red thread..

Photographed with iPhone 4s and processed with VSCOcam


3 thoughts on “iPhone photography with VSCOcam

  1. Hi. I have seen a photo on Instagram where the photographer mentioned that she had used picfx and vscocam. The picture was a combination of two pictures where one of them had a shape as a triangle. I have tried everything in these two apps but without any luck. Do you know how the picture was made? It looks so awesome!

    – Christina

    • Hi Christina. I have never used picfx and I know that vscocam does not have any functionality for doing that kind of changes. I looked around a bit and the closest app I can think of is Diptic. It seems to be able to do what you want (I have not tested it!).

      Take care – Jonas.

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